Positive leadership

Ep 1: Positively leading: The key to unlocking your leadership potential

June 21, 2023

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I'm Sarah — leadership and communication mentor.  I'm here to help you grow your leadership, resilience, and influence. 

Meet Saran

If you’re on the quest to uncover your leadership potential and make a meaningful impact in the world, you’ve found your waypoint!

In this first episode of Positively Leading, we dig deep into what positive leadership really means, and what it doesn’t!

It’s not about having a fancy title or a big office. Instead, it’s all about building important people skills, like showing respect, being kind, and working well with others. 

We’ll talk about how good leaders make the workplace a fun, connected place where everyone keeps learning and improving, and everyone is excited about making positive changes.

Over the years, I’ve been asked many questions by my clients about leadership, communication, and personal growth. In this episode, I’ll be sharing these questions and how they’ll shape the content of the podcast with you. 

No matter if you’re a seasoned leader or a novice in the field, this episode is a must-listen for you. 

Join me, and let’s journey towards unlocking your leadership potential together.

Keep on Positively Leading.