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I help leaders, teams, and organisations build resilience, have better conversations, and transform conflict to ignite engagement and performance. 

Hi, I'm
Dr. Sarah Howling

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have lived and worked in some amazing places (Bermuda, Spain, Hong Kong, Argentina and Malaysia to name a few) and lead some equally amazing organisations. I’ve been able to experience different cultures and what it takes to become successful in them - further fuelling my curiosity and passion for interpersonal communication. 

I’ve led successful change and transformed cultures. I’ve improved results and led award-winning organisations. And I know that at the heart of these transformations are people, relationships, and powerful conversations at every level. 

I’m deeply passionate about my work and have poured years of experience and research (and my heart and soul) into The Connection Revolution®.

Since an early age I've been fascinated with people, language, and learning, and I’ve studied human relationships, psychology, leadership and communication for over twenty years. 

The conversations you have, with yourself and others, really do matter.

Everyone deserves to work in an environment in which they can be their best, feel their best, and do their best. I find it incredibly sad (not to mention damaging and costly) that: 

  • On average, only 15% of employees globally are    actively engaged at work
  • 85% have dealt with conflict in the past year - from small disagreements and incivility to disputes and dysfunctional teams
  • 75% say the biggest drain on resilience and wellbeing is not workload but managing difficult people and relationships 


The need for authentic, courageous, and effective conversations has never been greater.

The impact is felt in many ways, for both individuals and organisations, and includes: 

  • Higher levels of anxiety and stress 
  • Increased sick leave and staff turnover
  • Hours of wasted time 
  • Decreased motivation, engagement, decision-making ability, and creativity
  • Disputes, legal fees, compensation, and settlements

Feel confident and equipped to respond to strong emotions so that they're empowered to have conversations that accelerate growth 

Improve conflict management skills to reduce stress, save time, and avoid costly legal fees

Improve staff wellbeing, resilience, and engagement

And help create cultures of high positivity, productivity, and performance

This is why I do what I do...

I work with organisations, leaders, and teams to develop a communication toolkit so they can: 

"The skills learnt have not only had an impact on me as a school leader but have also helped me outside of school!" — Jenny Swift, Headteacher.

"Working with Sarah has been the most rewarding learning experience of my career. "

The confidence and ability to resolve challenging situations and embrace positive learning and development opportunities for everyone to become healthier, happier and higher-achieving

the skillset

The confidence and ability to communicate from a place of compassion, humanity and humility that leads to the most positive outcomes for everybody 

The heartset

The confidence and ability to approach every situation as an opportunity for connection, collaboration and growth

the mindset

Learning the Connection Revolution method is not about attending a course to simply learn a set of skills.

The work we’ll do together will be transformative for everyone involved.

Dr. Sarah Howling

Sarah is a coach, mentor, and former international school headteacher, who works with organisations around the globe to create something truly transformational in the unique way in which she shares her knowledge and expertise around coaching, communication, and conflict resolution. Her mission is to empower people by providing them with the tools and techniques to thrive and to create happier, healthier and higher-achieving organisations. 

Sarah is an expert in learning and leadership, and in fact, this was the subject of her doctoral research. She is an accredited coach and coach supervisor, certified in NLP and positive psychology, and is a qualified mediator and Harvard-trained negotiator.
An accomplished speaker, Sarah regularly engages audiences at conferences around the world, delivering keynotes and workshops on subjects including resilience, leadership, and communication. 

An expert in her field, Sarah is a Lead Improvement Partner for the Council of British International Schools and also teaches Coaching at the University of Cambridge, developing the next generation of professionally accredited and academically qualified coaches. 
A passionate ‘people person’, Sarah lives by her values of kindness, excellence, growth and simplicity (values you’ll find running through her work) and she’s committed to supporting others to connect to their strengths, to each other, and to thrive. When not working, you can find her enjoying the countryside in the north of England with her son (when he’s home from uni), her husband, and her two pugs. 

The simplest but most life-tweaking course I have been part of in my career thus far. I love it and I am most grateful.

There's been a huge impact on my in terms of my awareness of myself and those around me. I feel my ability as a leader has improved considerably.

The course was inspirational and had a profound impact on my approach to leadership. Sarah demonstrated a deep knowledge of coaching and leadership throughout.

Feedback from workshops and training programmes

Thank you for an inspirational experience that has had a significant impact on my thinking and life.

The impact has been huge. It has allowed me to deal with significant issues calmly and professionally. I feel I can perform better as a leader now than at any point previously.

Simply the greatest opportunity for personal growth and development I have ever undergone!

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