Creating the conditions for
brilliant leaders and educators to do extraordinary things.


Creating the
conditions for
brilliant leaders and
educators to do extraordinary things.


Dr. Sarah Howling

Sarah has over 25 years’ experience in education, both in the UK and international sector, and was the Principal of outstanding schools in Argentina and Malaysia. She has an MBA in Educational Management and is a Doctor of Social Science with her research focusing on educational leadership and its development.

Sarah is an accredited coach and coach supervisor, a positive psychology practitioner, a mediator, and a Harvard-trained negotiator. She is passionate about building school cultures that are healthier, happier, and higher-achieving through the power of strong relationships, transformational conversations, and connected accountability.

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Victoria Miles

Victoria has over 17 years of experience working in education in the UK and international sector as an English teacher and school leader in both pastoral and curriculum areas. In addition, Victoria is an accredited coach with an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching.

Victoria’s passion is supporting teachers, school leaders, and teams to build confidence, empower, reassure and bring out the best in themselves and others using evidence-based approaches from positive psychology and coaching.

Associate Coach
Researcher | Writer

Associate Coach | Researcher | Writer

— Gary Minnitt, Former Director of Accreditation COBIS

What do you look for in a professional provider? The right blend of experience and knowledge and professional and human qualities. Such a telling and effective combination is rare in crowded marketplace but Sarah Howling has all this in abundance.

Sarah has enjoyed and experienced many years as a first-rate educational practitioner in schools. She was an excellent school leader. At the heart of an effective leader is a great teacher. Sarah continues adapting and deploying those carefully crafted teaching skills now in her work as a coach, mentor and consultant to great effect. She believes like all excellent teachers and school leaders that you never stop learning.
I know all this because I have first-hand experience of seeing her at work as both a headteacher and as a professional learning provider and working with her in COBIS school accreditation.

Sarah works very well with others. She listens actively, she’s empathetic and she’s flexible. Her work will be about you – your context, your needs, your issues. She tailors her support so her skilful advice will be made-to measure and fit for purpose. 

Sarah certainly knows her stuff. She is thorough, rigorous and punctilious. She is serious about doing an excellent job but will never take herself too seriously. 

Sarah Howling is also an absolute joy to work with and she will find joy in whatever process you engage her for. And engaging she will be. The best teachers put others before themselves to create the conditions in which truly effective and long-lasting learning can take place and she does.

She offers a rare blend of fine teacher attributes and human qualities which is why she is in such great demand. 

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