Training and consultancy for schools to become healthier, happier, and higher-performing.


Training and consultancy for schools to become healthier, happier, and higher-performing.


our mission is to change the world one conversation at a time and empower people with the tools and strategies to co-create better conversations, relationships, and results.

The success of any learning organisation is built via millions of tiny human interactions every single day. It’s strong relationships and powerful conversations that bring true transformation for teachers, students, and the whole community.

Grounded in the latest research, positive psychology, and neuroscience, our transformational training and consultancy enables you to create a culture where every conversation is an opportunity for connection, inspiration and growth – a culture of connection and Catalytic Conversations®.

Training and Workshops

We offer immersive learning experiences (in person and online) that give your leaders, managers, and teachers the skills, tools, and support they need to lead, build capacity in themselves and others, and get results. 

All training is focused on supporting you to develop a culture of effective communication, collaboration, and growth. We can equip your leaders and teachers with the toolkit to connect, communicate, and contribute more effectively; helping your school become healthier, happier, and higher-achieving. 

Catalytic Conversations®

Connected Accountability™ 

Feedback Reimagined 

Leading in the Messy, Magical Middle

The Mindful Leader

Flourishing faculties

Programmes cover themes such as:

“We have just worked with Sarah on a coaching programme for a group of our senior leaders. To say this has been impactful would be an understatement!

From the very beginning, not everyone found coaching to be their natural forte. However, thanks to Sarah's exceptional facilitation skills, she effortlessly guided us out of our comfort zones, creating an environment where we felt at ease, and helped us all to develop our coaching skillset.

For many individuals, this training has been transformative. Coaching has transcended beyond a mere professional skill and has become an integral part of our everyday conversations, both inside and outside work. It has heightened our awareness of the way we listen to one another, and reignited the importance of heartset and mindset in all that we do. In these challenging times, these invaluable lessons have become more crucial than ever, and we are so grateful for these new skills."

- Ali Kirkman, Assistant Principal, Hills Road Sixth Form College

What participants say

The course was inspirational and had a profound impact on my leadership. Sarah demonstrated a deep knowledge of leadership and coaching throughout.

There's been a huge impact on me in terms of my awareness of myself and those around me. My ability as a leader has improved dramatically. 

Thank you for such an inspirational experience that has had such a significant influence on my thinking, my leadership, and my life. 

My ability as a leader has improved considerably and it was the greatest opportunity for personal growth and development I have ever undergone. 

This has been the best CPD I have ever attended in my career and by far the most beneficial in my leadership on a daily basis.

Thank you a thousand times! I can’t say enough how empowering this programme has been!

The need for authentic, courageous,
and effective conversations has
never been greater.


All consulting work we do together is designed to guide your school through cultural tweaks and transformations, whilst at the same time building capacity within your school to develop sustainable measurable change. 
Your school is unique and your culture change solutions should be too. 

As your consultant we provide fully bespoke, impactful support for you. While we bring expertise in leadership, coaching, negotiation, and conflict resolution, our consulting uses coaching strategies that acknowledge you as the expert you are, and appreciate that every school and every school’s goals are unique. As your critical friend and partner, we will also make suggestions and share opinions about possible ways forward; engaging you in dialogue at every opportunity. 

Solutions-focused coaching and modelling

Expert coaching and facilitation 

An independent perspective

Implementation experience and understanding 

A contextually respectful and empathetic lens

Supportive accountability


We offer you: 

– Dave Potts, Head of Secondary, Dubai British School 

Sarah is a highly skilled and experienced leader, trainer, facilitator, coach and mentor. She has direct experience of leadership in a range of contexts, and this is complemented and amplified by her wider theoretical and academic understanding enabling her to have significant impact with clients whose situation may lie outside of her own experience. A key element of her success in this regard is her empathy, her personal values and her quite obvious desire to empower people to succeed in their own leadership journey. 

As a consultant Sarah is analytical, insightful and perceptive – she comfortably works with multiple possible solutions / strategies to allow a healthy balance between strategic clarity where it is necessary and the organic development of more nuanced approaches to improvement and change in order to reach bespoke and authentic outcomes which can transform an organisation. 

What clients say

It all starts with a conversation.