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- OLI 

Really looking forward to the next episode! This is exactly what I need at the moment as I navigate the complexities of successful leadership.


Such a powerful topic, and no one better to learn about leadership and better communications!


Exactly what I need right now, but exactly what anyone can benefit from. Sarah has a wealth of experience we can all learn from.

Hello there! I'm thrilled you're here and interested in developing as a leader. The content of the Positively Leading Show is shaped by the questions that I’ve been asked in my two decades of leadership, my 1:1 and team coaching sessions, and from my training programmes. It's also shaped by my learning, research, experiences, and from all my teachers and wonderful colleagues over the years. 

You don’t need to go on a year-long leadership development programme to develop how you think, feel, and act as a leader. In fact, my research with leaders showed that some of the most powerful learning was from short courses, books, podcasts, articles – the most important thing was relevance, application, and reflection. 

Join me and subscribe to Positively Leading – you'll be surprised at the difference just 20 minutes a week can make to your leadership! 

Leadership & communication mentor · Mediator · Coach

Host of the Positively Leading Podcast

Host of the Positively Leading Podcast

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As we hurtle towards the holiday season and 2023 comes to a close, it’s not uncommon for many of us to feel the weight of exhaustion and stress with so many events in the school calendar. That’s before you even think about the amount of presents to buy and wrap, cooking the perfect Christmas dinner, […]

Ep 28: A leader’s guide to a calm and restorative holiday season

What’s one thing that you’re grateful for today? Do you know your favourite ways to practise gratitude? Have you ever tried to cultivate gratitude within your team or organisation?  Gratitude can transform and significantly impact our well-being, resilience and leadership. It really is a superpower in leadership and life! In this episode, we’re exploring the […]

Ep 27: Embracing Gratitude: 7 strategies to enhance wellbeing for yourself and your team

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Or had the feeling that everyone is so much smarter than you, or you’ll never be good enough to deserve something? Maybe you’re worried your colleagues are going to discover you’re a fraud? If you answered yes to some or all of these, then you might be […]

Change can be challenging, whether it’s on a personal or organisational level. But by understanding the inner workings of our brains, we can make small adjustments to the way we approach change and achieve better results. Neuroscience and behavioural psychology offer us new perspectives, allowing us to better understand people’s motivations and how to effectively […]

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"Really accessible, backed by research, practical strategies, and great for anyone who wants to flourish in any leadership capacity. Can't wait for more episodes." — Victoria

This podcast is brilliant!

 "There are so many tools, techniques and powerful questions posed in this podcast. Tiny tweaks for huge transformation:
Congratulations Dr Sarah Howling on your new podcast! I look forward to listening to further episodes." - Sara

This is a sharp, relevant and accessible exploration of the power of positivity in leadership. 

 "Common sense, insight, wisdom from an inspiring leader. A priceless combination!! Do yourself and your colleagues a favour and follow her podcasts and share them widely."

Sarah is such an excellent communicator! 

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