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Positively Leading

With Dr. Sarah Howling

Courage is not just about being brave in the face of fear. It’s about understanding that fear, acknowledging it, and using it as a stepping stone to achieve your goals.  In today’s episode, I’ll offer a perspective on courage that might just knock your socks off (or at least it did mine!). I’ll be sharing […]

Ep 10: The 7 muscles to strengthen for courageous leadership

Positive leadership

No two ways about it, it takes confidence to lead. Having healthy levels of self-confidence is critical for success. But how do you shake loose of self-doubt and lead from a more consistent place of confidence? In today’s episode, I’ll talk about two misconceptions about confidence, offering you a fresh perspective on this crucial aspect […]

Ep 9: How to build self-confidence as a leader

Positive leadership

As leaders, we often find ourselves under immense pressure, leading to stress, anxiety, and even burnout.  In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about why taking a break and fully disconnecting from work during holidays is important and a crucial part of our well-being and success as a leader. I’ll also share the numerous benefits […]

Learning how to set healthy boundaries is a core part of self-care, self-respect and self-leadership. In today’s episode – part two of the series on building braver and better boundaries – we dive into three key areas to help you do just that!  First, I’ll share the rarely discussed yet crucial aspect of boundaries: the […]

Ep 7: How to set better boundaries as a leader Part 2

Positive leadership

This week’s episode is the first in a two-part series focused on setting healthy boundaries—an essential yet often overlooked element of leadership and personal life. In this first part, I’ll cover what boundaries are and explain why they’re so crucial for your overall well-being. I’ll guide you through recognising areas in your life where you […]

Ep 6: How to set better boundaries as a leader Part 1

Positive leadership

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite sure what kind of leader you are? Or maybe you’re wondering why your team isn’t responding to your leadership style?  That’s where psychometric testing and leadership archetypes come in. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences with these assessments and explaining how they can help you develop self-awareness […]

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a truly great and authentic leader? As a leader, it’s essential to be authentic and grounded in your values and principles. In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of authentic leadership and discuss five key characteristics that define authentic leadership. I’ll also address three […]

Ep 4: What is authentic leadership and why does it matter?

Positive leadership

Do you struggle with building high-quality connections with your team? Are you finding it difficult to maintain a positive mood in the workplace? Do you struggle with giving feedback that is both constructive and appreciative?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this episode is for you. In today’s episode, I’ll be […]

Ep 3: How to become a more positive leader

Positive leadership

Are you a leader feeling the burnout creeping in at the end of each workday?  You’re not alone. In this episode, I open up about my personal journey. I explore the necessity of conserving our energy to lead, pointing to surprising research that reveals almost 60% of leaders feel the same way you do, battling […]