Grow your resilience, leadership, and influence

Coaching, Consultancy, Mentoring & Training for Leaders and Changemakers

Build presence and gravitas where you might currently feel invisible, overlooked or perhaps even a bit nervous and unsure.

Find the right words and timing to communicate from personal power, for the greater good.

Navigate challenges rather than avoid or dance around them, building new patterns of effectiveness and trust in yourself.

Increase self-awareness so you can understand your role in any dynamic or situation.

Discern your strengths (and play to them) and affirm your values (and live from them). 

Understand your inner critic and work with it, develop confidence and reduce self-doubt and feelings of imposter syndrome.

Get clear on what you truly want and need and put boundaries in place at home and at work. 

Using my evidence-based approach and a lifetime of experience, I work 1:1 with clients on areas that include how to:

I can equip your leaders and managers with the toolkit to connect, communicate, and contribute more effectively – improving conversations, collaboration and results.

At the heart of this work is helping your team to have Catalytic Conversations® – developing a culture of accountability, giving and receiving feedback, and coaching for development and performance. 

I also work with organisations and businesses, big and small, to help leaders and managers develop the leadership and communication skills needed for success. 

 — Ruth, Director and Coach

I only wish I had met and worked with her 20 years ago."

"Everyone in a leadership position should get to speak with Sarah...

There are three ways we can work together: 

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This is an intensive and powerful 1:1 service that gives you the support, words, and confidence you need to navigate an upcoming challenging conversation.

one session

The Courageous Conversation Catalyst

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We'll work together over time so you can reflect on, recharge, and reimagine your communication and leadership in a hybrid programme of coaching, mentoring, and training. 

leadership development

The Connection Revolution 
1:1 Experience


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Whether it’s improving dialogue and dynamics, strengthening processes and procedures, or helping your leaders lead – I partner with you through a blend of coaching, training, and facilitation to improve conversations and results.


Catalytic Conversations


"I have learnt strategies to solve conflict and how subtle changes in language can alter interactions and improve relationships. I am more able to accept feedback and criticism as opportunities for learning. I have also learnt practical strategies to promote positivity and inclusive discussions in meetings.”
Jenny S.

“I have found my conversations with Sarah to be transformative, both in terms of unlocking my own potential and also in enabling me to look at difficult situations with a new perspective."
Rupert C.

“Sarah’s commitment, dedication, wisdom, smile and kindness are character traits that she displayed in every interaction. It was a pleasure working with her.”
Karen S.

“Simply the most rewarding and impactful professional learning experience I have ever had." 
John P.

Kind Words

“It was the single most useful professional conversation of my career. Seriously. Everyone in a leadership position should get to speak with you. Thank you."
Ruth H.

“Sarah is highly professional, cares deeply about her craft and in helping people achieve results." 
Sandra P.

"Sarah's understanding of people, leadership and learning is extraordinary and permeates her courses and all her work."
Maria O.

“Sarah is obsessed (in a good way) with taking you on a journey of continual improvement and discovery.”
Matt P.

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