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My mission with the Connection Revolution® is to change the world one conversation at a time and empower people with the tools and strategies to co-create better conversations, relationships and results.

Grounded in the latest research, positive psychology, and neuroscience, my transformational coaching, training and consultancy, partners with you to create a culture where every conversation is an opportunity for connection, inspiration and growth.   

The success of any learning organisation is built via millions of tiny human interactions every single day.

It’s strong relationships and powerful conversations that bring true transformation for teachers, students, and the whole community.

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My approach is about wholeness and resilience, as well as exceptional results and performance. I provide a fun, safe, and challenging space to reflect on, recharge, and reimagine your communication and leadership. 

One to one coaching for senior leaders


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Whether it’s improving dialogue and dynamics or strengthening processes and procedures, I work with leadership teams through a blend of coaching, training, and facilitation to make teamwork work better.

senior leadership team coaching


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Conflict is inevitable but it doesn’t have to zap energy or harm performance. I not only facilitate a process to resolve friction and untangle challenges, I also help you develop the skills and habits for necessary, healthy, and productive conflict. 

conflict resolution & healthy cultures

Conflict Management

The Coaching Leader 

Creating a culture of accountability 

Making feedback count

Managing challenging conversations  

Connecting Through Conflict 

Leading in the messy, magical middle

Training and Workshops

All training is focused on supporting you to develop a culture of effective communication, collaboration, and growth. I can equip your leaders and teachers with the toolkit to connect, communicate, and contribute more effectively; helping your school become healthier, happier, and higher-achieving.

Courses include: 

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Sarah partners with organisations around the world to enable change from the inside out.

Sarah's unique and powerful framework, The Connection Revolution®, brings together over twenty years of research and practice in leadership, psychology, neuroscience, coaching, and conflict resolution and she will help you and your organisation learn the tools and strategies to co-create better conversations, relationships and results.

Sarah has coached and developed high performing teams around the world and has a track record of leading successful change and developing coaching cultures.

Sarah has an MBA and a Doctorate with a focus on organisational learning, and leadership development. She is an accredited coach, coach supervisor, and a professional workplace mediator. In addition, Sarah teaches on the Certificate in Coaching at the University of Cambridge - developing the next generation of professionally accredited and academically qualified coaches.

consultant · coach · coach supervisor · trainer · mediator

Meet  Sarah!


Sarah has enjoyed and experienced many years as a first-rate educational practitioner in schools. She was an excellent school leader. At the heart, of an effective leader is a great teacher. Sarah continues adapting and deploying those carefully crafted teaching skills now in her work as a coach, mentor and consultant to great effect. 

I know all this because I have first-hand experience of seeing her at work as both a headteacher and as a professional learning provider and working with her in COBIS school accreditation.

Sarah works very well with others. She listens actively, she’s empathetic and she’s flexible. Her work will be about you – your context, your needs, your issues. She tailors her support so her skilful advice will be made-to measure and fit for purpose.

Sarah certainly knows her stuff. She is thorough, rigorous and punctilious. She is serious about doing an excellent job but will never take herself too seriously.

Sarah Howling is also an absolute joy to work with and she will find joy in whatever process you engage her for. The best teachers put others before themselves to create the conditions in which truly effective and long-lasting learning can take place and she does.

The last COBIS Conference of 2021 featured a dazzling array of speakers and providers. Sarah produced a highlight performance which was not only entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking but also drew in some exceptionally positive feedback from a large and diverse audience from schools around the world.

Like I said, she offers a rare blend of fine teacher attributes and human qualities which is why she is such great demand.

What do you look for in a professional provider ? The right blend of experience and knowledge and professional and human qualities. Such a telling and effective combination is rare in a crowded marketplace but Sarah Howling has all this in abundance.

Gary Minnitt
Director of Accreditation, COBIS 

Through her consultancy, Sarah provides coaching and training of the highest quality to school staff and to parents that builds connectivity and really makes a difference to a school community. She leads workshops filled with quality content and presents and delivers in a manner that both fully engages participants and enhances their learning. 
Sarah’s character, positivity and interpersonal qualities ensures that time invested with her by any individual or school is extremely worthwhile and valued. Her authenticity, light-heartedness and sense of humour shine through when working with her.
I highly recommend Sarah to any school community that is seeking to build and strengthen its community through the power of coaching.

As an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professional with over 20 years of international teaching and school leadership to draw upon, Sarah has a deep understanding of what is needed to support school communities to thrive and flourish and be the best they can be.

Roger Schultz
Head of School, The Alice Smith School, Malaysia

I have found my conversations with Sarah to be transformative, both in terms of unlocking my own potential and also in enabling me to look at difficult situations with a new perspective.

Sarah’s gentle but firm challenge during our sessions has opened my eyes to unhelpful habits I have picked up over the years, and given me the framework I need to challenge behaviours that – far from resolving tricky situations – can actually lead to further complications.

I entered the process hoping to learn how to manage conflict more effectively – rather than simply providing me with a set of instructions or encouraging me to adopt an artificial persona, Sarah’s approach has enabled me to build on my own existing style and characteristics as a leader whilst pushing me to listen more actively and to set explicit boundaries for a conversation.

The nature of our regular sessions meant that I was able to test these strategies in real-life situations and then reflect on the outcomes in our following session, which meant I was able to discern an almost immediate improvement.

I've found my conversations with Sarah to be transformative...

Rupert Candy
Assistant Master, Westminster Under School

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